Project info

  • Place of installation

    Pražská, 35002 Cheb, Czechia

  • Date of installation

    September 2017

  • Category

    Price Signs / Visualization Elements

Successful rebranding

Part of this project was the complete rebranding of the gas station. In particular, a new price totem, attics, logos and other visualization elements.

Price Indicator

The design of the price totem emphasizes the displayed product prices. Large multi-segment displays with a character height of 50 cm are used. This guarantees a legibility of approximately 250 m, which is more than enough in the city. Attention is further enhanced by the aggressive yellow-orange color of price indicators, which is perfectly legible in all light conditions. Furthermore, the logo and opening hours of the gas station are marked on the totem. The contracting authority considers other information to be superfluous. An interesting detail is the color individual product cartridges corresponding to the product offered. The disadvantage of this solution is the need to recolor the cartridges in the event of switching to another product composition. Overall, the totem looks very significant, while clean and clear. It is the dominant feature of the gas station exactly as it should be.


The attic is made of painted sheets, has a convex shape and is lined with a light LED line. The attic is interrupted by a distinctly designed spatial backlit logo. Optically, the original height of the attic is reduced by a white border at the top.

Other visualization elements

Furthermore, other visualization elements in a similar style are used at the filling station. The overall design of the gas station is very successful and you can see both the work of a professional designer and the longer development time of this design.