KM-PRONA Jaroměřice

Project info

  • Place of installation

    Poděbradova, 67551 Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Czechia

  • Date of installation

    February 2017

  • Category

    Price Signs / Visualization Elements

About the Project

This project included the complete conversion of the acquired filling station into the colors of KM Prona. In particular, a new price totem, attics, logos, column cladding and other visualization elements.

Price Indicator

The design of the price totem emphasizes the logo of the company that operates the network of filling stations, and is therefore a well-known brand where a certain level of products and services can be expected to be sold. Part of the customers, which mainly monitors fuel prices, are attracted by two large displays for two main products, ie diesel and petrol. The prices of other products are displayed in a smaller format, however they are available on the totem. LED seven-segment displays with character heights of 400, resp. 250 mm. The readability is therefore 200, resp. 125 m. In addition to the logo and awards, there is also a space for a banner on the totem, where the Monza café concept is promoted. The overall design and color solution makes the totem and therefore the entire design of the filling station non-aggressive, emphasizes elegance and tries to address customers primarily with the level of services provided.


The attic is made of painted sheets, has a convex shape and is lined with a light LED line. The attic is interrupted by a spatial backlit logo. Optically, the original height of the attic is reduced by a white border at the top. The cladding of the roof columns is also made of lacquered curved sheets, the columns include design collars. The column cladding includes light octane boxes, which guide the driver to the individual dispensers according to the availability of individual products.

The attic at the kiosk is only indicated, the dominant logo is the Monza café logo above the entrance.


The overall design of the KM Prona gas station is very clean, elegant and timeless. It is known to take a long time to develop a design concept. The facade of the building, its roof, the color of the dispensers and other details are also matched to the same colors.