Project info

  • Place of installation

    Hatě, 66902 Chvalovice, Czechia

  • Date of installation

    March 2017

  • Category

    Price Signs / Visualization Elements


The customer wanted to move the design of his gas station at the exposed location of the border crossing to Austria to a new level. The advertising elements were therefore completely replaced.

Price indicator

The design of the price totem mainly reflects the reason why Austrian motorists refuel here, prices. The prices are dominant on the totem, LED seven-segment displays with 400 mm high heights with a legibility of approx. 200 m are used. The logo is designed with an interesting large-area molding. In addition to the logo and prices, there is also space for a banner on the totem pole. The overall design and color scheme makes the totem clean, uncomplicated and distinctive.


The attic is made of painted sheets, has a convex shape and is lined with a light LED line. The attic is interrupted by a spatial backlit logo. The attic at the kiosk was solved in the same way as the attic at the roof.

Column cladding

The cladding of the columns, including the ramps above the stands, is also made of painted sheet metal. There was an effort to make this set look light and airy. The ramps above the dispensers cover the structural elements of the roof, so they are there for technical rather than design reasons.


The overall design of the gas station is serious, clean and uncomplicated. It evokes the atmosphere of a fair fuel seller in the environment of a border crossing, which is full of various bizarre buildings and structures.