Project info

  • Place of installation

    Osice, 50326 Osice, Czechia

  • Date of installation

    May 2016

  • Category

    Price Signs

Portfolio width

In 2016-2021, Gema delivered almost 400 totems for the Benzina petrol station network. Totems are produced in three size ranges. Highway filling stations require a 12m price indicator, while for city filling stations price indicators with a height of 8 and 6m are supplied.

Multisegment LED displays, type LDS50, are used to display prices. (For smaller 8 and 6m totems, LDS 34 and LDS 23 displays are used.) A solution without plexiglass cover is used, the advantage is the increase in contrast due to the absence of various disturbing reflections on the plexiglass. Watertightness is ensured by the unique construction of the totem pole.

A mixed design cladding is used on the steel structure, part is made of painted aluminum sheets, part is made of composite material.

RGB screen

Totems are usually equipped with a full-color LED screen in the upper part on one side for displaying advertising logos and spots. Of course, there is full LED lighting for advertising spaces.

Modular system

The entire indicator is designed as a modular solution and can be assembled according to the requirements of a specific filling station. Adding or removing the number of displayed fuels is simple, either during production or in the future directly at the filling station work operation. In the same way, the price indicator can be compiled as two-sided, or perhaps only one-sided.