TUZEMÁK Jindřichův Hradec

Project info

  • Place of installation

    Jiráskovo předměstí, 37701 Jindřichův Hradec

  • Date of installation

    May 2020

  • Category

    Price Signs


A customer turned to us with an interesting request. Totem in the shape of a bottle of domestic rum. It is a gas station owned and operated by the Fruko Schulz liqueur in Jindřichův Hradec. This filling station is famous in that, in addition to fuel, it is also sold well-known domestic rum and it is possible to have it poured directly into the brought containers, which the staff will provide you with a stamp. The price of rum is therefore stated directly on the price totem.

Technical solution

First, we designed the optimal size of the "bottle", namely 8 m. The most difficult part of the construction was to solve the transition the side of the bottle into the neck. We finally did this from the laminate, fortunately we could use the form that was created for another project, and here, surprisingly, the shape fit exactly. It was also necessary to pay attention to the correct choice of the color of "rum" and to unify the colors of different materials.

The night shape of the bottle is formed by a light LED line, which creates a light contour.

Seven-segment LED displays with 400 mm high characters are used to display prices. A solution without plexiglass cover is used, where the advantage is the increase in contrast due to the absence of various disturbing reflections on the plexiglass. Watertightness is ensured by the unique construction of the totem pole. The other solution is a traditional, backlit graphic in the lower part of the totem, a galvanized steel construction and a cladding with lacquered aluminum sheet.