F1 Petrovice

Project info

  • Place of installation

    Petrovice, 40337 Petrovice, Czechia

  • Date of installation

    September 2017

  • Category

    Price Signs / Visualization Elements

About the project

F1 operates a network of petrol stations mainly near border crossings, so it targets mainly cross-border clients. The overall design is dynamic and refers to a series of F1 races, although to protect the rights of the F1 operator, some items cannot be copied. The overall concept is matched by a strong color scheme, where anthracite color and red accessories predominate.

This project included the complete conversion of the filling station into F1 colors. In particular, a new price totem, attics, logos, column cladding, facade cladding and other visualization elements.

Display different currencies

The design of the price totem emphasizes above all the company logo, which is decisive. Prices are displayed as standard using red LED displays. It is possible to display prices in euros on one side of the totem and in CZK on the other, or to display the display periodically on both sides.

Other visualization elements

Other advertising elements use both painted aluminum sheet and bond-type materials, especially for building cladding. The contour of the gas station is highlighted at night by a glowing red LED line, even on the facade of the building.

The F1 logo is particularly complicated, which must be produced by hand using several technologies.