Gas stations

At the gas stations, canopies on the forecourt roofing and the store are mainly used. It also includes LED stripes, illuminated logos, guide arrows, light ramps, various light showcases and more. The visualization elements of filling stations more or less coincide with the visualization elements for the widest use.


The basic visualization elements include canopies of forecourt roofing and buildings. We make these in a wide range of designs according to customer requirements. Canopy made of painted aluminum or galvanized sheet metal is standard. Possibly better solution are canopies made of colored composites. All of those are supplemented by a light line or can be all-lighted. Such canopies are made of acrylates or vinyl foils and can be flat or have any 3D shapes.

LED stripes

LED stripes replace traditional neon lights in the production of line lighting for canopies and buildings. They are available in a very wide range of colors. They have a long service life and low energy consumption. Unlike neons, luminosity is not temperature dependent. Lines with a variable light color can also be made.


Company pylons tend to dominate each company premises. The range of designs and size are not limited in any way. It depends solely on the customer's wishes. The stand can be made as a lattice structure, or it can be made of a sole steel profile. Conical shapes of the stand are also possible. The pylon head can be completely arbitrary. Each pylon is designed individually.

Illuminated signage

Light lettering is usually used especially in marking stores. It can be made as complete moldings from colored plastic or as letters made of metal or plastic side panels with acrylic front. An unlit font with a backlit contour on the wall of the building is also possible. By default, the font is illuminated by LED source, possibly a variable light color.

Light boxes

Light boxes come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used, as a cheap option for light fonts. The graphics on the front face are arbitrary, cut or printed. The front face can be acrylic, for larger dimensions preferably vinyl.

Other visualization elements

These could be various guidance and orientation systems, display cases, shop window stickers, etc..


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