Standard price signs

As a producer of electronic and manual price signs, especially for gas stations, we have a comprehensive range of common standard solutions to cover everything from small urban unmanned gas stations to large highway stations.

Design price signs

We are able to produce a price sign in a non-standard design, exactly according to the customer's ideas. We also produce these indicators in one-piece quantities.

Special price signs

These are, for example, price signs for installation on a building, on the canopy of a gas station, on an advertising pylon and so on. In particular places without an access of power supply, we offer a solution using a price sign with solar power supply. It is usually the location of the totem on the opposite side of the road from the gas station, or similar cases.

Supplied displays

Our company manufactures several types of displays for price and advertising signs. Each type has a different use and within one device it is usually possible to combine its different sizes. For displays with a height of 25 cm, the maximum readability is up to 100 meters, for a height of 60 cm to 250 m. In recent years, LED displays have been moving to a new trend, where there is no longer any cover (plexiglass) in front of the LEDs and therefore the readability of the display is guaranteed from a large viewing angle.


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