RGB full color large screen

We supply full-color RGB LED panels in dot spacings of 3 to 30 mm, especially for outdoor installations with a degree of protection IP65. The size of the panels is according to the needs and wishes of the customer, because they are assembled from separate mounting modules with a typical size of 20-50 points. The panels can be connected for data transmission via a serial interface, Ethernet interface or wireless GSM module.

Information panels for transport terminals

We produce information electronic panels, the functionality and appearance of which are optimized for use in information systems of railway and bus stations and stops. Standard products are departure, arrival and platform panels for railway stations. LCD liquid crystal technology is used for imaging. The displays are backlit with LEDs, which ensures a maintenance-free panel and a good energy balance. The lighting can be switched off automatically when the information is not displayed. The panels can be completed with a clock. The panels can be supplemented with a system of automatic reporting of train arrivals and departures and a system of automatic reading for the blind.

LED panels are also used for outdoor installation. Their advantage is greater contrast, the disadvantage is less resolution of the matrix. LED panels can be made in two-color or full-color design.

The panels are typically powered by 230V, for off the grid installations, there is a backup power supply from public lighting or solar power supply (only for selected configurations).

Text displays

For simpler applications (e.g. additional information signs to price signs) we offer LED single or multi-line message display boards. Display boards are available in various colors with display dimensions from 10 to 50 cm. Panels can display static and moving text as well as simple graphics. Panels are capable of storing information about current time, date and temperature. The brightness is automatically adjusted so that the signs are readable under every light condition. The data are uploaded to the panel from a PC application, which is a part of the package, through serial interface or via a wireless module (e.g. GSM).

Industrial information panels

Special panels for displaying different numeric or text messages made exactly according to customer specifications and typically connected directly to the output or data from different data management and technology systems.


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