Customer Projects

From its beginning, the company Gema has developed many solutions and provided customer applications in the area of industrial electronics.

Based on customer requirements we conduct analysis, create and coordinate a project, suggest the right manufacturing technology and if the customer requires we organize a mass production of electronic and other needed components. Afterwards we provide service and an entire customer support. These are usually long-term cooperation projects evolving in development of several generations of tools and equipment. We are also able to organize just a production of electronic or mechanical components based on customer provided specifications.

The most interesting projects implemented in the last several years:


Development of a bike sharing electronic control system for Homeport, s.r.o. For this project we manufacture all electronics and mechanical components for unattended bike rental places in urban areas. Each rental station consists of series of electronic bike locks, bike ID system and a server with a GSM interface for transferring data to a central database. The whole system is solar powered. The products are deployed in many cities all around the world. More about the project at


Development of electronic control system for medical and wellness massage devices PNEUVEN. For several years we have been developing electronics for series of special massage (lymphatic massage therapy) devices, for EKOVUK MEDI, s.r.o. The device is equipped with a customer attractive color display, onscreen keyboard and a USB port. The electronics along with the entire device have undergone rigorous tests for medical equipment. More at


Fuel dispensers electronic control system for Tatsumo company. It is a complete electronic solution for fuel dispensers, including. central computer unit, display, power unit and I/O peripherals for controlling motors, valves, etc. The electronics are designed for climatically very demanding conditions including arctic frost prevailing in eastern parts of Russia, and extreme heat in Greece.


Among smaller projects there was, or there is a cooperation with Eltodo company in developing electronic traffic signs and traffic information panels, development of a kit for laboratory equipment management for NEDFORM company, development and production of mechanical components for GEMOS road radar detectors, electronics for PD Systems, and many others.


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